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 Our class teachers are Mrs Wilby and Mrs Brooks and our teaching assistant are Miss Knight and Mrs Turner.




Our Topic this half term is "Superheroes" First we will look at ourselves and how we are super, looking at all the things that we can do (PSED), then looking at our super family and what makes them superheroes in our eyes. After that we will be looking at fictional superheroes, looking at who is our favourite superhero and why? Reading a range of books about superheroes, making our own comic strips, doing secret message writing and making our own newsreports warning everyone about the 'Evil Pea' from the story Supertato (Literacy). As well as this we will be creating ourselves as superheroes, making some amazing superhero gadgets (Expressive arts), investigating magnetisim, freezing and ​completing superhero missions (UOW). We will also be creating and tasting superhero snacks to keep us healthy as well as taking part in a superhero training camp (Physcial development and heath and self care). Along side this we will look at superheroes in our community and how they help us. In numeracy we are practicing recognising numbers up to 20, counting out objects to at least 10, simple addition and subtraction, recognising 2D shapes and positional language - all with a superhero link where possible. ​


Ourselves as superheroes   


​Superhero comic strips


 The last week of the term will be dedicated to Christmas activities. Expect to see both a Christmas card and your child covered in glitter!


Big maths targets

​​​Counting to 20

Counting out up to 10 objects from a larger group. 

Knowing we have 2 hands, 5 fingers on each hand - which makes 10.

Bonds to 5 ( all numbers that add together to make 5)

Know 1 more and less than a number to at least 10.

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​Autumn 2017

​​Our currect R.E topic is'Welcome'. During this topic the children will explore and talk about their experience of welcoming people and being welcomed in our homes and school community. We will make welcome displays to help people feel welcomed when they enter our class. 

During our Reveal weeks we will look at how a new baby is welcomed in our church family and how we ourselves were welcomed, looking at pictures and discussing with our family and friends about our own Baptism. The children will have a chance to explore artefacts linked to Baptism, act out Baptisms with each other using class dolls and dressing up, learn new songs and talk about the love and joy a new baby brings to a family. By the end of the topic the children will recognise some religios signs and symbols used in baptsm and some religious words and phrases from the rite. 

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                                                                                           Spring 2017

Our current RE topic is 'Growing'. During this topic the children will explore and talk about their own experience of 'growing' and how they feel about growing. During our Explore week they will have the opportunities to recognise growth in nature and discover ways in which things grow through a range of activities. We will be growing our own grass heads as well as conducting experiments on beans to see what plants need to help them grow. We will look at the lifecycles of animals and match animals to their young. We will visit the pond area to have a look at the frogspawn and frogs, doing this throughout the topic to see how they change and grow. We will also explore the school grounds to look for signs of new life in nature, completing our 'growing' booklet, showing what we have discovered throughout the week.  They will recognise that Spring is a time when things begin grow. By doing this it will support them in thinking about the ways in which they can grow in love to be more like Jesus during our Reveal weeks. 

Throughout our Reveal weeks, the children will learn about Lent and recognise it as a time to grow more like Jesus as well as learn about Good Friday and getting ready to celebrate Easter. They will look at ways in which they themselves and others can grow in goodness, kindness, helpfulness and love.  Recognising how they grow 'inside' to become more like Jesus, working with the scripture John 13: 34-35 'I love you and want you to love one another'

The children will have opportunities to recognise the story of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, through role-play and interactive stories as well as watch our Yr 3 & 4 production E-A-S-T-E-R. We will create an Easter garden in small groups to show what happened on Easter Sunday. By the end of the topic the children will recognise that Christians try to 'grow' more like Jesus' particularly during Lent. 


 Previous RE topics ​

'Gathering' - The children explored how and why people gather together. Discovered and discussed what activities they like doing with their families and recognised that they need support and encouragement from others. We also enjoyed gathering to take part in a range of activities and games.The children were able to talk about the times that they have gathered together with others and how they felt. 

They learnt about how the Parish family gathers to celebrate at Mass to share stories of God's love and recognise​d the story of Jesus with the children. We acted out our own class Mass which the children really enjoyed, taking on the roles of welcomers, Father Micheal, Altar servers, readers and the parish family. We re-enacted the procession, welcome, offertory, sign of the peace, sand and listened to the word of God .They loved learning the hymn 'Gather' and requested it as part of their Liturgy to celebrate what we had learnt. We looked at the phrase 'The Lord be with you. And with your spirit' and recognised that it as a response in prayer, using it when acting out our class Mass and when celebrating what we had learnt in our Liturgy. We acted out the story of Jesus and the children - Mark 10:13



This half term our topic is ''Bears in books''. We will be reading a range of books about bears. The children will learn facts about the bears: hibernation, diet, habitation (in Understanding of the World). We will learn to tell the story of Goldilocks and the three bears in different ways: through song and drama (in Expressive Art), through dance (in PE) and story telling (Literacy). We will explore and discuss the moral issues of this story: right and wrong choices, and how to stay safe (in PSED). 

Also, this half term we will have our first school trip! We will go to the River Gardens, in Belper, for a ''bear hunt'' (linked to the book ''We're going on a bear hunt'' by Michael Rosen). We will explore the different scenery for ''the bear hunt'': grass, river, forest, mud, cave. And, naturally, we are planning to have lots of fun on the play ground!

The RE theme is 'celebrations' where our children will learn about people who go to church and how Christians welcome newcomers into the Christian community and read some stories from the Bible. The children will explore what it means to be a good Christian and how they can express this in their daily life. 

In Mathematics our children will learn to count up to 20 and to count in 10s, the concept of addition and to use the vocabulary involved in adding. We will learn how to use positional language and to order three objects by length or height. Also, the children will explore and learn mathematical terms for 3D shapes, and mathematical terms to describe 2D shapes.

In Literacy and Phonics the children will learn about how stories are structured: setting, main characters, key events, and recognise three parts of a story (beginning, middle, end). They will start recognising high frequency words in context, learn to segment the sounds in simple words and blend them together and know which letters represent some of the sounds.


To provide a high quality Christian education for all children enabling them to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.