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Our Governors: ( Foundation governors are appointed by the Bishop of Nottingham and the Franciscan Sisters Minoress).  12 governors in all which complies with the new instrument of governance July 2015.


Foundation Governors -7

Mrs B Wareing ( Chair)  Foundation,                             Sr M. Kilkey        Foundation                             

Sr B Cawley Foundation,                                               Mr S Brind           Foundation                             

 Mrs S Clarke Foundation                                              Mr S Shyby       Foundation       

Mrs M J Booth Foundation                     


LA governors - 1

Mrs R Wilkinson    Local Authority 


Associate Governor

Mrs A Cooke                                         


Staff - 2      Mr B. Lowe   Headteacher                                            Mr A Shaefer   Staff                   


Parent - 2

Mrs L Tomlinson    Parent governor ( Vice Chair)                                    

Mrs L Crowder   Parent Governor  ( Vice Chair) ​

 Clerk to the Governors: Mr D Roome

In addition to attending Full Governing Body meetings, governors also sit on a number of standing committees as follows: 


FINANCE AND PREMISES:– School Finance/Budget planning and review, insurance, charging policy, Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, visits, emergency procedures, buildings, security. Membership – Laura Tomlinson (Chair), Bryan Lowe, Barbara Wareing  Steve Brind.


 Safeguarding and Child Protection.  SEN All safeguarding policies / booklet to sign for Safeguarding and CP, safer recruitment,  E safety, Flowcharts Training. SEN including P.Premium. Membership: Barbara Wareing , Louise Crowder (chair), Bryan Lowe


Anti Bullying - Reports on any incidents, training 'STOP' programme. Membership: Alan Shaefer


 CURRICULUM/GENERAL:- RAISE (Panda) data, monitoring and targets, policies, N.C. assessments, SEN pupils, gifted and talented pupils, RE and collective worship, School Improvement Plan, SEF.  Membership – ,Bryan Lowe, Sr. Margaret Kilkey, Barbara Wareing ( chair).


In addition to these Four standing committees, the following will be required from time to time.  Procedures are as described below.


PERSONNEL:– Appointments, performance management, pay policy, recruitment. Membership – Sr. Margaret Kilkey ( chair), Laura Tomlinson, Bryan Lowe, Barbara Wareing.


RE CATHOLICITY  Chaplaincy, Worship, Prayer life, Mission Statement, Ethos, RE curriculum. Welfare, Spiritual development Church, Diocese community Overseas support, Cafod, Membership: All foundation governors. Sr Margaret Chair Sr Bernadette D Chair


 DISCIPLINARY:– Exclusions, capability and grievance issues.  Membership – Sr. Margaret Kilkey (Chair),  Louise Crowder. Bryan Lowe


 ADMISSIONS To check and approve reception admission.  Membership - Steve Brind (Chair), Alison Cooke, Bryan Lowe,. Louise Crowder.


 PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT (Headteacher) Membership –  Sr. Bernadette Cawley, Barbara Wareing (chair)


 GENERAL APPEALS  Membership – Karen Lee, Rocki Stani, R Ingham'   Sr. Bernadette Cawley, Paula Fox, Amanda Caddick (chair).

To provide a high quality Christian education for all children enabling them to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.