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Year 2

Our Topic this term is:       Once Upon a Time 
In literacy we have been doing work linked to traditional tales - fairy stories - from this country and from other cultures.  We have made stick puppets and made up a puppet show to a Chinese traditional tale called Goldflower and the Bear.  We have read different versions of the same story, from Cinderella to The Elves and the Shoemaker.
In Design and Technology we have been designing and making glove puppets, improving oursewing skills.  This links to our science topic.
In Science, we have been looking at materials.  We have found out the difference between natural and man-made materials and we incorporated this learning, along with the traditional tales, into our class assembly.


In History we have been studying an event that occurred a long time ago - The Great Fire of London.  We have learned what life was like in London in 1666, what people wore, how they travelled.  Then we used our ICT time to use the internet to make a fact file of the Great Fire.  We found out where it started, how long it lasted and the damage it did.  We asked questions like: why did it spread so quickly, why wasn't it put out sooner than it was and how do we know about the Fire?


In PE we have been lucky enough to have a specialist teacher in to teach us dance.  We have made up and learnt a dance based on Cinderella, a Prince, a wizard and a Fairy Godmother. 


In RE we made our own Liturgy and looked at books that we find in Church.In our multicultural week about Russia, we enjoyed ​Russian food, dancing and, in keeping with our topic, traditional tales from Russia.  We found that some stories from Russia are very similar to tales that we have in this country.​


Vegetables study for Art,  Forces that make things move, The great fire of London.

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