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Year 6 - Canterbury

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Mrs Austin and Mr Shaefer help us to learn.

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Spring (Terms 3 and 4)



We learn to write adventurous stories with suspense,​  recounts and poems. We read and study ''The Jungle Book'' by R. Kipling, poetry by various poets. We explore different genres: from story writing and poetry to persuasive writing. We learn the rules of debate and argument.



We learn to solve word problems with mixed calculations (including ratio and proportion), explore 3D shapes and their properties, solve problems with volume, area and perimeter. We revise how to calculate fractions and percentage of amounts. We learn how to do long division and multiplication with numbers with decimals.



Source - discussing how books, in particular The Bible, influence our decisions .

Unity  - exploring the importance of unity in our life.

Giving - exploring the Church's season of Lent.


Topic (Geography)

''The Tropical Rain forest'' - learn about the fauna and flora of the Tropical Rain forest, and explore the life style of Yanomami Indians.


ICT - ''Scratch'' - we learn to code!


Science - Evolution&Inheritance and Human body.


RE current topic is Sources.

 Up and coming events​

February - ''The animal roadshow'' (an opportunity of seeing and learning about the rare Rain forest animals).


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Autumn (Terms 1 and 2)



We learn to write stories with flashbacks,​ and stories in Tolkien's writing style. We read and study ''The Hobbit'' by J.R.R. Tolkien, ''The Northern Light'' by P. Pullman and plays by W. Shakespeare. We explore different genres: from journalistic writing and explanations to playscripts and strories.



We learn to do long division and multiplication, solve word problems (including time duration and money), explore 2D shapes and their properties, measure angles etc.



Loving - discussing what unconditional love is/means.

Commitments  - exploring what is involved in making commitments.


Topic (History)

''Moving image'' - history of film making: from shadow puppets to the early motion pictures.


ICT - ''iMovies'' - we will have a go at making own films!


Science - Light and Electricity.


RE current topic is Commitments

 Up and coming events​

Quad, educational centre, Derby - 4th October



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