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​​​​​​Curriculum 2019/20

Please select the icons below to find topic webs and the subjects we teach in each year group. We start with Y6 and go down to EYFS. We are teaching the national curriculum for Y6 and Y2 with some additions from new topic areas. For the rest of the school we have selected topics and skills for children's interests and to fully utilise local history and geography. In addition, we introduce children to career prospects for example talks to children by doctors, conservationists, geologists in order to both spark their interests and get them thinking about career development to supplement this we have developed a programme of virtual reality experiences which take place for all year groups throughout the year. This year 2019 they have' been to'   Africa, Rome, Under the Oceans, Everest,  solar system, museum trip and flew like a peregrine falcon! These are detailed in the topic webs below.   RE has a special in the curriculum and permeates the whole curriculum, we use the 'come and see' scheme. It also features strongly in our Personal and Social education and relationships education. Safeguarding also features strongly throughout the curriculum and especially during our assemblies and health week.   


The phonics schemes we use in EYFS and Y1 are:

Jolly Phonics and LCP planning.

Reading Schemes

The following reading schemes are used in KS1

Oxford reading Tree, Storyworld and Collins Big Cat.


To provide a high quality Christian education for all children enabling them to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.