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This half term our topic is ''All about me!''. We will be reading a range of books about our bodies, feelings and stories about children starting school. The children will learn facts about their body, how to exercise safely (in PE), how to be a good friend and express their feelings (in PSED). They will discuss what they can do now that they could not do when they were babies (in Understanding of the World and History), learn to paint a self portrait (in Expressive Art) and will learn to take photos of their friends using the class KidiZoom cameras (in ICT). 

Also, the topic ''All about me!'' links with the RE theme ''Myself'' where our children will learn class room prayers, read some stories from the Bible and learn about our Christian community. The children will explore what their families mean to them and will be challenged to think what 'clothed with love' means and how they can express this in their daily life. 

In Mathematics our children will learn to count up to 20, recognise numbers up to 10 and number bonds to 5. Also they will explore 2D shapes and what designs and patterns they can create with the shapes.

In Literacy and Phonics the children will learn about features of non fiction books and how these books are different to fiction ones. They will explore rhyming and learn to identify initial and final sounds in words.

But most importantly, the children will make new friends and have fun learning and playing!​


Going on a bear hunt, Doctors surgery, Holidays - travel agents. ​

To provide a high quality Christian education for all children enabling them to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.