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Still no internet at Kingswood so Mrs Austin is unable to tweet but we do know that -

after a busy day yesterday and a good night's sleep, this morning has seen everyone have a hearty

breakfast ready for this morning's activities.  The coach will hopefully leave at 12.30pm and eta at school should be around 5.00pm




Sorry - due to lack of internet access at the centre Mrs Austin and Mr Shaefer have been unable to tweet.


Arrived safely yesterday at 2.55pm.  After dinner everyone danced the night aware at the disco and celebrated Eden's Birthday (happy birthday Eden!).


This morning's activity is an obstacle course and this afternoon there's a trip to the beach.  Evening activity tonight is the Night Line!

5/4/17-  NEW ETA  - 4.30pm

Coach back to St Elizabeths set off at 12.40 so ETA now 4.40pm.


They have just stopped for an ice-cream ( 2.40pm) so still think ETA will be 4.40pm.

Year 6 trip to ​Kingswood Activity Centre, West Runton, Norfolk - 2017.

Children are very excited and ready to go!!


 10.50 am - All boarded the bus after a quick loo visit and they are on their way!

3.00pm Arrived at Kingswood, the sun is shining and everyone is fine. Mr Shaefer reports that there are 'no problems'!


Children are now sorting their dorms then its onto the first activity!

 Year 6 sorted their beds and settled into
their dorms before an introductory tour. Then, after some free time, they had the first of tonight's activities: Archery, Jacob's Ladder & Night Line.

Dinner is at 18:45 & then it's Murder Mystery Night orTrail of Mystery. Will Mr. Shaefer be found out? Or is it Mrs Austen's turn?​

sorry thats the best I can do!!

​All children are fine - no problems!

Children had cocoa and biscuits for supper and were all in bed for 9.00pm.

Some straight to sleep, other drifted off around and one at 10.45pm!


Tuesday  8.00am

All slept well after a scary tale on the Trail of Mystery... Most 
children thought either Mrs Oates or Mr Shaefer was the culprit but NO! 
It was Mrs Austin who did the dastardly deed!

All had a lovely cooked breakfast or cereal / toast and are ready for the days activities!

Off to the beach this morning and the weather looks good. 

Pics: 1/ A cup of cocoa before bed 
      2/ Grace and Luca getting into the spirit of Trail of Mystery

Spent a great morning on the beach learning about sea defences (and 
building sand castles!) Grace and Ruby both got buried in the sand and 
Jonnie-Lee found the "biggest rock ever".... "Honest, Mr Shaefer, it 
is!" Weather was really good, sunny for most of it. 

 All children are fine- more news tonight!


All children have had a great day, after the beach they went on the zip wire then went aeroballing.

8.00pm They are now dancing the night away at the disco. Mr Shaefer is relaxing with a coffee and Mrs Oates and Mrs Austin doing the Macareena!!

Settling down for cocoa and biscuits before their last night at Kingswood and the trip back tomorrow!


 Wednesday 8.00am

Mrs Austin reports that all had a good nights sleep. All children are busy packing their cases and taking sheets off their beds.

Afer breakfast its their last two activities then on the coach back to St Elizabeths!

ETA back at school is 5.00pm

Check here for updates

Children all safely on the coach - set off at 12.40pm so ETA should be 4.40pm.

ETA return to Belper is 5.15pm but watch this space!

Set off at 10.50am and stopped for lunch at 12.40pm.  They have just arrived safely (2.45pm)  ..... more to follow shortly.

5.00pm Children having a great time, had a big tea with plenty of choices including cooked meals and sandwiches. Already done two activities!

 7.00pm They have unpacked and are all happy with their dorms and room mates! They are doing their night activities before cocoa at supper time!


After sorting our rooms, we all had an introductory tour of the site and a welcome meal (pasta or curry
with chips or rice. Sometimes both.) We then split into 3 groups for
the 1st set of activities; aeroball, archery and nightline. Apparently
it was raining during nightline but not for the others....?
After aquick change it was time for the Trail of Mystery, a dastardly tale of kidnapping. Who was guilty? Was it Miss Alton? Mrs Oates? Maybe this
time Mr Shaefer?
Just finished our cocoa, getting ready for bed and
looking forward to our morning on the beach.​

Signing off at 10.28 pm - Nearly all fast asleep!!


TUESDAY 22nd March  8.20am

All children are well and had a good nights sleep and they all woke refreshed. They have just finished breakfast - bacon eggs beans and toast along with cereal.

The sun is shining, blue skies and they are ready for their trip to the beach!

More later!
1.45pm Sorry for the delay problems with the Wi Fi in Norfolk !


Absolutely brilliant day. Sunshine all the way. We all had breakfast
and then walked along the cliff edge down to the beach. The children
learned about cliff erosion and beach defences.

They then went
rockpooling, catching several snails, a shrimp and various non-descipt
marine life. The morning was finished off building sand castles and
digging holes to find water!
 Amazingly, most of them managed to remain
relatively dry... Oliver thought it was the best activity so far but
others preferred the Trail of Mystery. There's more to choose from

It look sooo gorgeous there, I wish I was with them!  All children are fit and happy!


More later.


After yet another lovely lunch (Barney really likes the food) the
children embarked on another set of activities; zip wire, quad bikes,
team challenge and Jacob's ladder. 

The weather was, again, brilliant.
It would be fair to say that all the children exceeded their own
targets for whatever activity.
We've just stuffed our faces yet again
with a roast dinner (chicken or beef. Vegetarian options available)
with all the works. One more activity, either Nightline or Archery, and
then it's time to put their dancing shoes on for the disco.

​All had a great time dancing the night away at the disco then cocoa and all had a good nights sleep.

They packed this morning before breakfast then did two last activities.

12.10. Just having lunch and hoping to be on the coach and heading back at 1.00pm with a return to school time of 5.00pm.


1.17  All Ok and on the coach setting off for Belper!

2.00 Traffic OK so far. stopping for an ice cream soon.

3.45pm all had an ice cream and back on the coach.

ETA return to Belper is 5.15pm but watch this space!

Year 6 trip to ​Kingswood Activity Centre, West Runton, Norfolk - 2015

 Last Year's trip:-

Children set off this morning at 10.50am, they were all excited and didnt forget a single thing!

They have just stopped for lunch ( 12.48pm).

Had lunch and set off again at 1.30pm; all singing songs on the bus!

Arrived at Kingswood at 3.34pm. All fine and having a good time. looking around the dorms.​

They have all settled in well and sorted their dorms and unpacked! They had sausage and chips or sweet and sour chicken for dinner and have just finished their first activity - fencing or aeroball followed by a murder mystery activity!  (Owen and Charlie taking on the roles of 'Marsha Mallow' and 'Sue Flay'.)

Comment so far include 'dead cool',  'beds are really comfy' and 'what do you mean theres no lift'
Kingswood staff say 'Are you ready St Elizabeths' and they reply
'We were born ready'
 All are fine and enjoying their first day.

Next report in the morning.


News for Tuesday, 8th April:

Weather started off rainy this morning but is clearing up in time for this morning's activities which are leap of faith and quad bikes.  Everyone has had a hearty breakfast including spaghetti!  More to follow soon ..........

Lunchtime picture update:

Lunch - sausage roll, veg, spicy cube potatoes, salad and macaroni cheese.  Tia says the macaroni cheese is lovely!  


This afternoon's activities are zip wire, team challenge and night line followed by a quiz around the camp fire!

More news later .................. More pics from this afternoon:

Quote of the day - 'my natural habitat is the dining room' Finn Davidson - way to go Mrs Oates! - hold on tight Jack!


Tuesday evening news - roast chicken or beef followed by apple crumble and custard, yummy!  This evening's activities are songs around the camp fire (after building it) followed by night line (obstacle course, blind folded and roped together!).   A smiling Katie sporting a very neat finger dressing after receiving treatment for a splinter - the big smile is because she really enjoyed her taxi ride to hospital as she has 'never been in a taxi before'!!


 All have enjoyed a fun packed day - more news in the morning ..................

Had a great night last night with night line and a quiz then early to bed!!


They have just visited the beach this morning built a sand castle in the warm sunshine and getting ready for the return journey. Mrs Fox, Oates and Mr Shaefer have organised a surprise birthday cake for lunch ( Its Tia's birthday today).


We will let you know when the coach leaves and the ETA.

Mr Lowe and Mrs Hyde


 Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! ( but obviously not TEDDY!)


The coach left Kingswood at 1.15pm


Estimated arrival time at St Elizabeths is   5.30pm  but we will give more accurate updates throughout the afternoon.


They've  just had an ice cream and are back on their way.


New ETA at St Elizabeth's is 5.15pm

To provide a high quality Christian education for all children enabling them to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.