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End of July 18 Swimming standards for Y6

School Sport

This page contains information on PE and sports provision at St Elizabeth's.

The governor responsible for sport is Mr S Shyby.

The Coordinator is Mrs K Acton/Mrs Turner


Currently ( Sept 18)  our Y4 children are in a swimming programme at Belper Leisure centre.

Y6 2017- 2018

Children able to swim 25metres unaided - 100%

Children able to swim 75 metres unaided - 70%




Allocated Budget: £9100 Area of Spend   Amount Spent


Coaching   £2975
Tournaments   £643
SSP Affiliation   £997
  ​CPD (training)   ​2,390
  Equipment\events   2095
Allocated Budget: £9760      
2017/18 ( total 16,665 inc DFE sports) Coaching   £4,835.00
  CPD   1,135
  Tournaments   £300
  SSP Affiliation   £900
  Equipment events   2,590
Allocated Budget 18/19  £8870 Coaching   4,218
2018/2019 ( total £17,870 inc DFE sports) CPD   1,600
  tournaments   300
  SSP Affiliation   £900
  Equipment/Events   2800



Our school budget for Physical Education (additional to the £9,000 DFE sports allowance) has allowed us to buy a much wider range of new resources to enrich our children's lessons in sport. So far we have bought a variety of athletics equipment, balls for football and skills. We have also purchased some more unique pieces of equipment, such as a large Velcro target board and further athletics and games equipment. In addition to this, the budget has helped us renew our large floor mats, which will make our gymnastics and dance lessons much more comfortable! All resources have been ordered through the Physical Education school budget.



We have been able to book high-level coaches to come and teach the children for different areas of sport during curriculum time, as well as some lunch clubs. This received fantastic feedback from children, parents and staff. Throughout this academic year we will be lucky enough to receive specialized coaching for hockey, dodgeball, fitness and skills programme, gymnastics, athletics, tennis, dance, cricket, Bike Ability and Pace Ball.


This year we are also having lots of fun during YogaBugs for our infant and Junior classes. These weekly sessions aid the development of balance, coordination and relaxation as well as Physical Literacy.


Impact and Progress

The impact of the coaching being delivered in our school is that our teachers are now more confident in teaching the different strands within each sport area. The assessment as a whole school is ongoing and we are seeing positive results in the children's performance.


Lunch Clubs


So far this year we have the following lunch clubs booked:


Girls Hockey (KS2)

Paceball (Y5/6)

Girls Football (Years 2-6)

Boys Football (Years 2-6)

KS1 Football (mixed)


2017/18 Upcoming Tournaments



Years 3/4

Monday 5th February 2018

Belper Leisure Centre

4pm – 6pm


KS1 Learn to Play Tennis

Years 1/2

Monday 5th March 2018

Belper Leisure Centre

4pm – 5:30pm


High Five Netball

Years 5/6

Monday 16th April 2018

Belper Leisure Centre

4pm – 6pm


Cross Country

Years 3/4, 5/6

Wednesday 25th April 2018

Eyes Meadow, Duffield

4pm - 5:30pm


Golf Competition

Years 4-6

Wednesday 6th June 2018

Eyes Meadow, Duffield

4pm - 5:30pm


Quad Kids Athletics

Years 5/6

Tuesday 12th June 2018

Belper Leisure Centre

4pm - 6pm


KWIK Cricket

Wednesday 13th June 2018

Venue TBC

4pm - 6:30pm



Years 4-6

Thursday 12th July 2018

Eyes Meadow, Duffield

4pm - 5:30pm



Y4 -6

Tuesday October 3rd 2018

School Field

October 25th football Y4 2018


More tournament dates to be added soon.



To provide a high quality Christian education for all children enabling them to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.