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Whitehall Trip 2017
ETA back at school on Wednesday 8th March is 2.00pm ( parents may also take siblings as they pick up the Y5 children - if you wish!)


Children set off at 11.30am and arrived safely ay Whitehall. 


They have seen their rooms and had a lovely lunch. Activities now before tea!

All children are happy and eventually went to sleep - the first few around 9.00pm after supper; the last one 11.00pm.

Ready for breakfast now and a full day of activities ahead!

All are fine with no problems!



Everyone up for a lovely breakfast then onto today's activities.

After a busy and exciting day children had supper with hot chocolate and biscuits before settling down for the night. Some were asleep for 9 and the latest 10.30pm!



Some photos from the day.

Wednesday  8.13am


 All children fine overnight and up ready for breakfast and the day ahead!


ETA back at school is Wednesday 8th March at 2.00pm

To provide a high quality Christian education for all children enabling them to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.