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Who's Who

Our Staff:
Mr B Lowe                      Headteacher, Safeguarding Child Protection, University Link, RE

Mrs A Clemens                Deputy, Year 4, PSHE, SEND, Assessment

Mrs E Austin                   Year 6, Spanish, History + Geography

Mrs D Parry                     Year 3, ( 0.5 teacher) Art, Design + Technology

Mrs E Alton                     Year 3, (0.5 teacher) RE, History, English

Mrs R Heath                    Year 2, (0.4 Teacher) Maths, PPA  +KS1 coordinator

Mrs A Grimshaw            Year 2, (0.6 Teacher) Maths, KS1 coordinator. RE

Mrs N Booth                   Year 5, Literacy + Music

Mrs Brooks /Mrs R Wilby                     EYFS, ICT

Mrs Turner/Mrs K Acton                    Year 1, PE, Science


Mrs D Hyde                     School Administrator
Mrs E Hampson             Assistant Clerk / Teaching Assistant  
 Mrs L Gregory               Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Cooke                   Teaching Assistant
Mr A Shaefer                  Teaching Assistant/ ICT manager
Mrs L Plastow                Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Turner                   Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Gregory                Teaching Assistant

Mrs H O'Brien                 Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Hampson             Teaching Assistant

Miss L Booth                   Teaching Assistant
Mrs I Salt                          Site Manager

Kitchens:  Manager: Mrs Sandra Harris, Support staff:  Mrs T. Penfold, Miss K. Phipps, Ms S. Gillott.
Lunchtime Supervisors:  Senior midday: Mrs A. Adams. Deputy: Mrs I Salt,  Supervisors: Mrs C Webster, Mrs Hall,  Mrs Gaskin, Mrs Wren, Mrs Tomlinson.

To provide a high quality Christian education for all children enabling them to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.