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Year 1 - Lindisfarne

Welcome to Lindisfarne!

Our class teachers are Mrs Turner and Mrs Acton and

our teaching assistants are Mrs Tomlinson and Miss Magill.



Curriculum Overview - What are we learning this year?

R.E Knowledge Organisers Lent term (Spring)

Geography Knowledge Organiser (Spring )



Year 1 have P.E. on a Tuesday morning taught by a coach.  Children should come to school on Tuesdays in their P.E kit: a yellow polo, a yellow jumper (with or without the school logo on), plain, dark jogging bottoms and outdoor trainers. Please ensure all items are labelled. 


Home Learning suggested timetable

How to access books during Lockdown

Home Learning Lent term (Spring term) 2021

Story Time Sessions

We are going to read a story to the children each day. Please listen to the YouTube clip at the end of each weekday.

We will add the clips as we record them.   Never Ask a Dinosaur to Dinner by Gareth Edwards  The Magic Donkey Ride by Giles Andreae  The Gigantic Turnip by Aleksei Tolstoy and Niamh Sharkey   Junglebum by Chae Strathie and Ben Cort   Nikki and the Rocking Horse by Alan Brown   Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl   (Chapters 1 and 2 )      Chapter 3 Fantastic Mr Fox  Chapter 4 Fantastic Mr Fox 


Additional home learning tasks (optional)



Religious Education

Our first topic is Families.


During this topic the the children will be able to talk about their experiences and feelings about the love and care shown to them by their family. We will be asking what a family is and who loves us. We will explore the differences and similarities between families as well recognising how God loves everyone.


Questions you could ask your child at home for this topic are:

How was Jesus' life compared to yours?

What is a family?

How does our your family show love and care for one another?


Blessed be God

God hears me when I pray for strength.

God is strong for me.

God takes care of me.

How good God is to me!

God helps me and I feel strong again.

Thank you, thank you God.

Psalm 28:6-8


 Judaism Week      Monday 16th November 2020


In Year 1 we will be looking at God's promise to Abraham and learning the story of Moses leading the people out of Egypt to the Promised Land.



Our second topic in Advent term is Belonging.


In this topic we think about all the different groups we belong to such as our family, our class, school, Rainbows, dancing, Beavers etc. We look at how we feel belonging to a group.

We then focus on Baptism; the first sacrament and joining God's family. We remember all that we learnt about Baptism last year in Reception and go deeper, looking at what happens in a Baptism, who is involved and look at why water, Chrism, a baptismal candle and a white garment are important.


Our last topic in Advent Term is Waiting.


In this topic we first look at times when we have to wait for and how it feels to wait especially when you have an exciting event to look forward to. We then think about Advent as a time of waiting and getting ourselves ready to celebrate Jesus' birthday. We remember the Christmas Story and also remember this story is in the New Testament. We look at an Advent Wreath and identify the significance of the different parts of the wreath. We also look at Christingle and how it helps us to understand why God sent Jesus to be the light of the world.






Curriculum Topics



Autumn 1

Ourselves and Animals
During Autumn 1 ​we will be looking at our five senses, through poetry and also non-fiction books. We will also be looking at animals, both in the wild and our pets. We have got a visitor coming in with some animals for us to touch and hold. Mrs Acton will also be bringing in her rather unusual (and very old!) pet for us to meet! We will be learning about animals' diets and categorising them into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

In Design and Technology we will be designing and making our own pet homes for an animal of our choice.

In Geography we will be exploring maps and using a compass to give and follow directions using directional language such as north, south, east and west.

In Literacy we will be looking at animal stories, such as Polar Bear, Polar Bear and Dear Zoo. We will create story maps to retell these, as well as writing our own versions!

Autumn 2
Around Our School

​​​​​​During Autumn 2 we will be exploring our local area of Belper. We will be learning about the history of Belper during a special visit from a member of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, as well as looking at photographs from the past and the present.

In science we will be looking at the seasons Autumn and Winter, discussing seasonal change and how each season is different.

In Design and Technology we will be designing and making our own (small scale) playground equipment following our research at the River Gardens play area.


Spring 1
Earth and Space!
During Spring 1 we are going to be learning about some of the main events in space history, a brief synopsis of the life of Neil Armstrong as well as lear​​​​ning basic space facts and names of the planets. We will also be linking this to science, covering light and dark.
 We will create our own Solar System collages as well as designing our very own planet! Our role play corner will be transformed into a rocket and we will have fun dressing up as astronauts in there, blasting off to space!
Also this half term, in RE, we shall be looking at Special People. We will be naming lots of special people in our lives and will say what makes each of them special to us. We will also be getting creative and making some thank you cards to send to some of these special people!
During this half term we shall be zooming off to Leicester to visit the National Space Centre where we shall learn all about the different planets, as well as getting a close look at some real moon rock!


Spring 2

During this half term we are learning about different countries and continents and comparing the weather and landscapes. W​e w​ill be looking at Africa as our hot continent, using African artefacts to do observational drawings and hearing stories that have African settings, such as Handa's Surprise. We will also be designing and creating our own African fabrics using repeating patterns and symmetry.


Our cold comparison will be the North and South Poles. We will be finding out where penguins and pole polar bears live, as well as learning about inuits and their homes. We will be comparing these homes to the homes in parts of Africa and our own homes.


We will be using maps and globes to locate the UK and to find the capital cities of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

On World Book Day we enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters! We also had Pinxton Puppet Theatre Company come into school! They came into our class and helped us all make our very own puppets. They also performed a puppet show in the afternoon for us, which some of key stage 1 were in with the puppets that we made!

Summer 1
Plants and the Environment    

​Throughout Summer 1 we will be learning all about plants and trees. We will be using plants for observational drawings and naming different plants and flowers.


Our school trip this half term is to Kedleston Park. Our guide there will lead us through games and fun activities about trees, plants, fruits and vegetables.


Also this half term we will each be planting our own sunflowers! We will place them around our classroom, water them each day and watch them grow. Using our Seed Diary, we are going to measure the growth of our sunflowers and record our findings.


In art we will be recreating our own version of the painting 12 Sunflowers by Van Gogh.


Summer 2
Seasides past and present

During Summer 2 our topic is about seasides, today and from the past. We will be exploring different artefacts from the Victorian times and making comparisons to today's seasides and holidays.


In art we shall be learning about the French artist Georges Seurat, who created pictures using millions of dots of colour called Pointillism. We will design our own beach scenes using this technique.


In Literacy we are going to be writing our very own fantasy stories! We will be using our imagination to design our own imaginary settings and will then be making our own character puppets for our stories. We are very excited to start writing our stories and become fantasy story authors!


In PE we will be starting our Athletics sessions with a specialist coach who comes in to teach us! We will be learning to jump and land safely, throw and catch with control and run at different speeds. Our teacher thinks we may have quite a few future Olympians!!




This year our school is using a new maths scheme called Power Maths which teaches using a Mastery approach. We still have our Big maths CLIC lessons before each maths lesson and each Friday do  our Beat That tests.

In the Autumn term we look at numbers to 10, addition and subtraction within 10, part-whole model, 2D and 3D shape and numbers to 20.







Puffin Academy - allows access to My Maths on iPad.

Maths Skill Builders Bundle (UK) ​- a collection of games for KS1 for numeracy

Maths Bingo

Twinkl Phonics (Phases 3, 4 or 5) - Phonic games

Crazy Cursive Letters - handwriting and letter formation practise

Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Library

The Beginners Bible - animated stories for children

Bee-Bot listening to and following instructions

Book Creator​


Below is a list of useful links for your child to go on to extend their literacy and numeracy skills even further at home. All of the links listed are used in school and the children will be familiar with most of the games.
My Maths - advice and guidance for parents for e-safety
To help develop your child's religious education, the following websites may be useful to you:​

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