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Year 2 - Durham

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  We Love Learning!   
  Our class teachers are Mrs Grimshaw and Mrs Heath  
Mrs Heath teaches us on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Grimshaw teaches us on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Other people who help us to learn are Mrs Hampson . Mrs Tomlinson and Mrs O'Brien.
Things you should know about Durham Class:
PE is on Monday and Wednesday.
On Friday we have Yogabugs where we practise skills in physical literacy, core strength and relaxation .
Numeracy Big Maths Beat That test is on Monday.
Spellings are tested and new ones set on Friday
Our current RE topic is:
Domestic Church - BEGINNINGS


During this topic we talk about new beginnings; that each day offers a new chance. We look at God being there at the beginning of the world. The children reflect on God being there at their own beginning. We explore different Psalms that talk about how God loves us. 

Our Topic in the first Autumn half term is: 
    Keeping Healthy and keeping safe.
We will be looking at different foods and the way they help our bodies. Why are some foods healthy and other foods unhealthy? The role of drugs as medicine and the effect of exercise on our bodies.  
We will be finding out about a famous person -Florence Nightingale and the impact of her work.Her links to the local area and the history of Babington hospital
In Art we will be exploring the art of Arciboldo and the portraits he painted using fruit as an inspiration.   
We will be making a fruit salad in design and technology practising skills such as grating and chopping
 Our RE topic is Signs and Symbols.
Within this topic the children will think about and learn the reasons for certain symbols in their lives. They will  ask questions and wonder about the power of symbols to convey meaning. They will recognize that some questions are difficult to answer. They will use religious words and phrases to describe some actions and symbols used at Baptism.
Such as Easter candle, font, water, anointing with chrism and the  white garment  .
    - Autumn 2 our topic is TOYS  
We will be looking at toys in books and stories by Martin Waddell such as The Toymaker and The hidden house.
We will be designing and sewing a puppet and using them as  characters in our own puppet shows.
We will also be preparing for our Nativity. In art we will be designing and making Christmas cards and displays for the hall.                                            
In Design and Technology we will be investigating different types of vehicles and designing and.making our own vehicles 
.In Science we will be investigating materials, their uses  and their properties.

Our Spring topic is Once upon a time. We will be reading traditional tales and poems and looking at tales from other countries. 

In science we will be investigating materials, their properties and changes to materials.

In PE we are lucky to have an expert coach Mrs Lee to teach us gymnastics. In history we will be looking at the great fire of London and Samuel Pepys.

In music we will be investigating beat and rhythm.


In this topic we explore the different ways of saying thank-you.  We recognise that the Eucharist means thanksgiving and look at the  different parts of the mass:We gather, we listen, we give thanks and we go out. We will also  read and discuss the Last Supper when Jesus broke the bread and shared the wine and the connection between this and the mass.We will look at the Eucharistic prayer and plan a liturgy based on our work.  
Our third RE topic in spring is Opportunities. 
Children will ask and respond to questions about their own and others' experiences and feelings of using the opportunities that they are offered to do good and be able to ask questions about what they and others wonder about the choices people make and realise that some of these choices are difficut to understand.
They will read and retell some of the events of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday and use some religious words to describe the actions and symbols of Lent.
Our Spring 2 topic is dragons.
We will be looking at dragons in books , dragons around the world and dragons in history.We will be writing and following instructions to draw dragons. We will also be writing our own dragon stories and a letter to persuade Mr Lowe to let us have a dragon as a class pet.

In geography we will be leaning about Katie Morag's Isle of Struary {the Isle of Coll) and comparing it to Belper, exploring the human and physical features of both areas.


In summer 1 our topic is All around the world.
In science we will look at animals and habitats and how they have adapted to their habitat. We will also find out about food chains,herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.
In art we will be looking at art in different countries and trying to copy some works of art and their techniques.
In geography our class topic is Mexico. We will find out about life in Mexico, schooling, their food and the job of a mask maker. We will learn a Mexican dance and design our own mask . We will find out about Mexican culture and the festival of the Day of the Dead.
In summer 2 our class topic is Mother Nature Designer.
We will be looking at plants and animals in the local environment.
In science we will be planting plants and vegetables and investigating conditions for growth. We will carry out a minibeast hunt, pond dip and learn about the life cycles, diet and habitats of ladybirds, ants, snails and bees . We will also be finding out about birds and visiting the River gardens.
We will explore the history of the River Gardens  and the links with the Belper Strutt family. We will also find out the history behind the Well dressings and visit the latest displays.
We will be creating a collage with fabrics in Art
. We will have a class outing to the woollen trial at Coppice wood and an educational visit to Twycross zoo.
To provide a high quality Christian education for all children enabling them to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.