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Year 4 Castleton Trip

YEAR 4 CASTLETON TRIP LATEST - all aboard the coach and on their way.  All fine and extremely excited!  ETA at Castleton 10.45am with first stop Peveril Castle.


10.50am Arrived at Peveril castle - All children travelled well abd are climbing to the top!

All children are fine and happy!


 They have finished the archaeological dig and found bones, pots and candle sticks!

 Now onto archery and marching drills ready for the Roman battle!

More Later!

Children have had their tea and really enjoyed their first day shooting arrows, being archaeologists and Roman soldiers.

The Youth Hostel team made all the beds ready for tonight and they have just finished a lovely tea with lots of choice!

Now for more activities!

7.00pm Children have just finished a scavenger hunt - they are all tired after a fantastic day so are settling down with a cocoa and biscuits.


Children are settled in bed now - most are already asleep -- but not all!!!!

They are all happy with no problems.

​More news in the morning.
All slept well last night, the last one to drop off was Freya - great staying power!!

7.30 All up after a good nights sleep for room inspection then its a cooked breakfast or cereal or toast for breakfast at 7.45am ready for the days activities.

mrs Clemens says they are all well and everyone is happy.


 Having enjoyed a lovely breakfast, the children are now on the siege engines!

They have finished their last activity and are waiting for the bus to pick them up at 2.00pm ready for the journey back to school. A great time was had by all!


They set off at 1.50pm

ETA at school 2.30pm.

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