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Year 5 - Rodsley

Home learning w/c 11/1/21 - Hello everybody, here is the work for this week (week2). I will upload the work daily to make it easier for the children to navigate to the correct work!



Dear parents, 


We are so sorry that we are in this situation again!  Like everyone, we pray that this is the last lockdown and by February the future is looking more healthy and hopeful!  We look forward to seeing the children again.  We realise that Home Learning is not ideal for most (even us!) but after teaching the children for a term, we know that they will bounce back and continue to flourish.


If you have any issues during this time, please contact us via the class email address ( as we hope to resolve any concerns as quickly as possible, as soon as they arise.  Please bear with us during this first week as we prepare the home learning and adapt to the new rules and routines.  Many thanks.


Kind regards, 

Mr Arthur


Preparing for Home Learning


School will provide:

-Two exercise books, one for Maths and another for English / Topic work.


-If we feel your child needs extra support, we will send additional handwriting / spelling tasks (SCHOOL WILL INFORM YOU OF A DAY AND TIME TO COLLECT THESE THINGS - THIS HAS NOT BEEN FINALISED YET.)



-Pencils, rubber, sharpener, ruler

-Colouring pencils / pens

-Access to a computer / tablet

-Headphones would be useful


You will receive work each week through Century and it will also be available on this webpage.


Week 1  6th - 8th January

This week, we will follow a simple plan and get back into the 'swing' of things!


Moving forwards...

Our general plan for each subject, each week, is as follows:


-We will use Oak Academy (or similar) videos to practise grammar and punctuation skills at the beginning of the week.

-We will set a reading comprehension for you to print out and complete in the middle of the week.

-At the end of the week, we will set a teacher directed planning and writing task.



-On Monday there will be a weekly arithmetic for the children to complete and continue practising their skills.

-We will set White Rose worksheets for you to print out and complete.

-On Friday, we will set Big Maths 'Learn It' and 'Clic' tests



The children will be sent a booklet and be directed to different tasks to complete on a weekly basis.

 Topic / Science 

-We will set simple activities for the children to complete each week.



-Work will be set on Purple Mash


We hope that the work set can be completed by the children independently.

The children who are attending school in the Key Worker Bubble will complete the same work. 

The most important thing is that you do what works for you and your child and you are flexible.  Remember that these are only ideas for you to follow. 


Children, please remember to use your neatest handwriting and ensure you are maintaining your high standards that you have set during the year.


Welcome to Rodsley!

Our class teacher is Mr Arthur and our fantastic teaching assistant is Mrs Plastow.


If you are a parent/guardian of a child in Year 5 you can follow us on Twitter (@Rodsley2020Y5) to see what we are getting up to in class each week!


Good afternoon, please find attached the links for meet the Senior leadership team and meet the year 5 class. 


Year 5:


Religious Education

St. Elizabeth’s has a Franciscan heritage, so our school values are based on Franciscan values.  In Year 5, our class value is peaceWe understand peace is the harmony and calmness of body, mind, and spirit. As written in John's gospel 20:21, Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” From this we will try and promote peace in school and as part of our everyday life. Prayer and worship are an integral part of our day. Our R.E. topics last for around 4 weeks and our learning is summarised in the R.E. knowledge organisers, which will be added to this webpage when we start each new topic.  



In English, we practise our decoding, fluency and comprehension reading skills through weekly whole class guided reading sessions along with small group reading sessions and by reading 1:1 with an adult.  The children have their own school reading book, which is changed on a set day each week by Mrs Plastow. The children's Collins Big Cat reading books will only be changed on their set book changeover day, however we have lots of extra books in our classroom for the children to sign out and read, if they finish their school reading books before the end of their week.  


Children are expected to read at home for 10 minutes every day and the more often they read the better! This includes reading to an adult. Please use the home-school reading diary to record 5 words your child struggled to read fluently and practise these daily. It is essential that reading books and diaries come into school each day and are taken home every evening and at the weekend. 


Our writing lessons follow the Pie Corbett ‘Talk 4 Writing’ style of ‘Imitate – Innovate – Invent’; put simply ‘I do – We do – You do’.  More information about this method of teaching can be found in the ‘Curriculum’ section of the website, under ‘English’.  Our class will practise two genres each half term.  English knowledge organisers will be posted onto this webpage when we start each new topic so that you can see a summary of our learning.  


Spellings will be sent home to learn as homework each Friday, and will be tested the following Friday.  Spellings and grammar will be taught/revised during the first 10 minutes of each English lesson.



We use the Power Maths scheme of work, and each term has an associated textbook: Power Maths Year 5 – Textbook 5A (for autumn term), Textbook 5B (for spring term), Textbook 5C (for summer term).  If you are keen to follow our learning, these books can be purchased on Amazon and are £6.99 each. 


MyMaths is a free website for you to use and we will set work on it each term.  If you feel your child needs to revisit a topic, please revisit the Y5 units of work.


Please encourage your child to practice their times tables where-ever possible, even if it is simply running through them in the car ride home! In Year 5, we will work on our all of our times tables. A great, fun ‘sing-along’ app to help children learn their times tables is called Maths Rockx, which matches their times tables to recognisable child-friendly pop songs.  However, this is £10 to buy.


We encourage the children to wear an analogue watch to school to help them to tell the time.  If you have an analogue clock at home, encourage your child to look at it during the day and work out the time together (starting with o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to, then intervals of 5 minutes past the hour).



Year 5 have P.E. on a Friday afternoon.  Please make sure that your child
has their full P.E. kit in school at all times.
Indoor kit should include: black shorts, yellow polo shirt and black plimsolls. Outdoor kit should include: plain dark tracksuit bottoms and top, yellow polo shirt and outdoor trainers. Please ensure P.E. kits (and P.E. kit bags!) are labelled. 


Foundation Subjects

You can follow what your child is learning each half term by reading the half-termly newsletter and checking this web page for different subject knowledge organisers.



Please read with your child every night for 10 minutes.  Practise spellings for 5 minutes in the evening.  Chant or sing times tables on the way to school and have a go at the corresponding division facts.  Practise telling the time at home. 


If you would like to do extra, there is the MyMaths website to visit and the Spelling Frame app is very good too.  Ensure your child has a notebook to write and draw in.  Visit the new Belper library when you can!


We will send other homework home now and then.  The children will be rewarded with house points for returning it on time. We should take as much care with our homework as we would with our classwork! 


Drinks and Snacks

Children are asked to bring a water bottle to school each day. They are encouraged to drink water throughout the day to aid concentration. Water bottles should be taken home each night for washing, this is especially important in the current COVID climate.  Healthy snacks are needed for break times to keep the children going until lunchtime.



If you have any queries, or anything you would like to discuss, you can contact me (Mr Arthur) via our class email:  


Thank you for your ongoing support! 


Science Knowledge Organisers

To provide a high quality Christian education for all children enabling them to achieve their full potential in a safe and caring environment.