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Year 5 Whitehall Trip 2015

Wednesday May 13th -Should be back at 2.00pm.

All fine this morning, they set off on time and arrived at Whitehall just before lunch.


All are safe and happy!!


 Had some difficulties getting a signal today so not much info until now!‚Äč


Mrs Booth's group had a fantastic time rock scrambling. Kara is not afraid of heights anymore!! She was a star.

Then it was off for a bike ride!!

Everyone had a lovely tea and are now completing the night time activities before cocoa and bed.

All awake now after a good nights sleep and getting ready for a hearty breakfast!

More later!!

George W and Katherine were stars on the mountain bikes.

Jack S was great too - his first time on a course.

After bacon and beans or toast or cereal its off to the first activity!

 Mrs Hyde's group had a great afternoon mountain biking. Bonnie and Josh H overtook Dillon in heavy rain- they all finished the course without falling off!

Wednesday 13th of May.

They have set off back to school at 1.05 pm. It should take just over an hour so they should be back for 2.15pm.
 Should be back at 2.00pm.

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